Pile removal using a vibration technique

We have a selection of quality support equipment, including barges, that allowing our trained personnel to complete a number of maintenance related tasks in situ, such as:
• General marine maintenance and repairs
• Marinas
• Wharfs
• Vessels
• Navigation Aids
• Sandblasting and painting
• Sea shield pile protection
• Pile replacement

Steel and timber maintenance

MJC’s maintenance services have been successfully supplied to State and Local Government, resources companies, land developers, insurance companies and other owners and managers of maritime assets.





We conduct salvage operations on behalf of maritime asset owners and insurance companies. Our capable crew are able to undertake a number of personalised salvage operations depending on the conditions and circumstances. Our personnel are acutely aware of the environmental concerns that are often associated with salvage operations and have also been involved in preparing risk management or mitigation plans prior to beginning a project.