Steel boat ramp jetty ready for installation


Mandurah Jetty Construction (MJC) have built an enviable reputation for the quality finish they have achieved on marine structures in recent years. Their personnel are skilled in finishing a number of different materials often in difficult or environmentally sensitive environments.

Steel structures

Our staff include skilled welders and steel fabricators with experience light and heavy duty fabrication ensuring that a quality product is delivered.

Our awareness of the requirements in regards to corrosion protection, electrolysis etc and current legislative requirements means your investment is long lasting.

Timber structures

Timber structures

Timber structures can often provide a unique set of circumstances and require experienced craftsmen to construct a robust solution.

Timber structures

MJC have a proven track record in constructing such structures, to exacting quality standards.

Concrete structures


Concrete Structures

MJC have completed a number of concrete structures in Western Australia. These have included in situ ramps, abutments and foundations, as well as suspended slabs and beams. These structures often include concrete piles, which MJC are able to install and integrate into the construction with ease.


Fixed Jetty Design

FRP Jetty

FRP Jetty

Fibreglass Re-Enforced Polyester (FRP)
The design consists of a channel sub frame and a perforated grating deck and recyled plastic fenders. All bolts are 316 grade stainless steel.
The perforated deck is easy to walk on bare foot and allows for excellent air flow and stays cool even on the hottest of summer days.